Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ist stage of work

We had to go through and repatch many of the holes the previous owner's had patched. We learned that it is easier to get it done right the first time than to try to fix another person's mistakes! Because there was texture on the walls, you could see everywhere they patched because the mud layer stuck out further than the wall and there was no texture for the area. The dining room and one of the walls in the master bedroom were the worst. We got it done and the painting went quickly.

I became the master "taper" and Corey is good with a roller. The first weekend we painted, we got both bedrooms and the living room done, with only needing to go back and do touchup work at a later point. The color is a light gray that we think will make a great background for adding color through various artwork pieces we have. It matches well with the taupe carpet and the countertops in each bathroom and the kitchen.

As you can tell, the pantry is going to be a challenge to repair, but we felt it was necessary to start fresh. We began by demolishing the previous worn down shelving, and plan to mud and texture the wall to be flat again. After a fresh coat of gray paint on the walls, we will put in adjustable, but non-permanent, shelving until we have an exact idea of how to implement something more permanent. One of the problems I have had with previous pantry's is that there are good shelves, but they are spaced too far apart from each other, and much space is wasted.

Corey painting in the master bedroom

No more red in the master bedroom

New lights for the kitchen!

No more shelves in the pantry!

Covered holes in Dining room

Laying down plastic

Covered up holes in the master bedroom