Monday, August 06, 2007

New House

So, we last published information about our home when we still had our condo, and now we have purchased a home in Salt Lake City. It is old, and we have been hard at work trying to make it more safe and livable. It has a yard, which our two dogs love, and it has room to store everything we have on sight! Great for us!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Guest Bedroom

Another view in Guest Bedroom

A view of Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

One wall of Living Room

Another view of Living Room and Corey relaxing Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ist stage of work

We had to go through and repatch many of the holes the previous owner's had patched. We learned that it is easier to get it done right the first time than to try to fix another person's mistakes! Because there was texture on the walls, you could see everywhere they patched because the mud layer stuck out further than the wall and there was no texture for the area. The dining room and one of the walls in the master bedroom were the worst. We got it done and the painting went quickly.

I became the master "taper" and Corey is good with a roller. The first weekend we painted, we got both bedrooms and the living room done, with only needing to go back and do touchup work at a later point. The color is a light gray that we think will make a great background for adding color through various artwork pieces we have. It matches well with the taupe carpet and the countertops in each bathroom and the kitchen.

As you can tell, the pantry is going to be a challenge to repair, but we felt it was necessary to start fresh. We began by demolishing the previous worn down shelving, and plan to mud and texture the wall to be flat again. After a fresh coat of gray paint on the walls, we will put in adjustable, but non-permanent, shelving until we have an exact idea of how to implement something more permanent. One of the problems I have had with previous pantry's is that there are good shelves, but they are spaced too far apart from each other, and much space is wasted.

Corey painting in the master bedroom

No more red in the master bedroom

New lights for the kitchen!

No more shelves in the pantry!

Covered holes in Dining room

Laying down plastic

Covered up holes in the master bedroom

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dining Room and back door.

Half Bathroom

Guest Bedroom, quite colorful!

Full Bathroom.


Corey and I in the kitchen.


Living Room

Living Room

Living Room

Our condo

Corey and I have been busy preparing to move as well as preparing our condo to move into. He graduated from college and now it's my turn to focus on my education. I will be attending USU to get a degree in Landscape Architecture beginning Fall of 2005.

We went to look for apartments to rent in Logan, and the nicest ones we could rent were the same price as if we purchased something. So, we found a condo we loved and decided to go for it. Even though we closed on it way earlier than we needed to, it is such a great find. We will be posting pictures of the condo as it looked when we purchased it, as well as what we have been doing to change it!

Besides a new paint job (The present one needed touchups anyway, so we decided to start fresh. We had such fun picking the colors, and surprisingly didn't take too long to agree on a color scheme!), we put recessed lighting in the kitchen and replaced the horrible looking dining room light. The kitchen light was lovely flourescent (no one should ever put flourescent lighting in a home, especially the kitchen) and the dining room "chandelier" didn't give off much light, even when it was turned on. We temporarily purchased an inexpensive light fixture to replace the dining room light, and we haven't found the right fixture yet.

The pantry shelves were not too stable after years of use, and we didn't think they looked like an efficient use of space, so we are replacing them!

The paint in the full bathroom is an icky yellow. It will be gray before too long!

Never let your children color on the walls, especially with marker. This was barely covered, and after 4 coats of paint, we can still see through the color. We are going to paint another layer and see if that does it. I told Corey that our kids are never, ever going to have markers!